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Men and women's mental health and drug abuse statistics using SQL and Tableau

What the final results look like?

Step by step SQL code are on the next page.
Screenshot (9).png
The Six Steps of Data Analysis or Six Sigma
Ask Phase
The goal of this project is to make three visualizations showing the male and female suicide rates, mental health and drug abuse problems worldwide, and mental and drug abuse problems in only the United States. To show that the male population is being ignored and that mental health problems are a worldwide problem, especially in the United States.
Prepare Phase
All of the data was obtained it from
Screenshot (11).png

When I looked for the datasets, I made sure they are from a credible source and no older than five years old. All three datasets passed this screening. Once all of the data all three datasets were acquired from this site, I changed the format to an csv document then I uploaded all three datasets to Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

Process Phase
Once all of the datasets were loaded, I did the following:
  • Removed all duplicates and spaces
  • Fixed all of the errors
There were none.
Analyze Phase

The pictures are in step-by-step order to explain why everything is occurring.

This SQL code is only for United States only.

Screenshot (17).png

This first picture and code is the third visualization at the bottom of my tableau project. The bar graph.

Screenshot (13).png

From 2 to 6, code provided is the second visualization in the Tableau link.

Screenshot (14).png
Screenshot (15).png
Screenshot (16).png
Screenshot (18).png

This is for the worldwide stats.

Screenshot (19).png

The data from 1 to 6 on this page shows the code to make the first visualization on the Tableau link.

Screenshot (20).png
Screenshot (22).png
Screenshot (21).png
Screenshot (23).png
Screenshot (25).png
Share Phase
The visualizations that will be shown to shareholders
Screenshot (9).png
Act Phase

More focus needs to be put into the mental health of men. Men are suffering quietly, and it is apparent from the suicide rates. Mental health and drug abuse are also huge problems for most countries around the world. The stats will never be perfect because men do not go to seek help as much as women. Based off of the data, we need to show men that there is a reason to live.

Mental health and drug abuse numbers have remained pretty stead in the U.S. and worldwide. That means whatever we are doing in the U.S. or around the world isn't providing much of a change. The study does not state what kind of drugs though. Are the drugs for mental health problem, is it marijuana? 

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