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Chima Ogu

Data Analyst

Fast learning and adaptive personality with experience collecting, cleaning, organizing, transforming, and solving problems with data efficiency.


Very proficient in the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Excel

  • Google Sheets

  • Python

  • R Programming

  • SQL

  • Tableau

  • PowerBI

  • Salesforce

Video Resume

Professional Experience in a related field

Data Entry Specialist                                            Oceanside, NY

Schoenberg Salt                                                Dec 2020- April 2021

About Me

     I am a certified data analyst from New York. I completed the Google Data Analytics Certification and Udemy Data Analytics Certification. I have always been an extremely hard worker since I was in high school. Since high school, I have worked 60 hours plus a week every week. I received a bachelor's degree in psychology in 2018 and I ran a women's shelter for drug addicts and unfortunate women plagued by unlucky circumstances for a year. After many sleepless nights, I noticed I couldn't feed myself or deal with this field. I was unfit to be a future therapist, so I worked many different jobs to find a way.

    I stumbled on the Google Data Analysis Certification after looking up jobs in the tech field.  I have always had a propensity for math, so I completed the Coursera Google Analytics course in 4 months, while working 70 plus hours a week at my current job. My goal is to become a senior data analyst and a full stack developer.  I want to leave a mark on the planet that my family will be proud of.

Full projects displaying my coding and visualization capabilities. Click the pictures to see the projects.

A model to invest in the S&P 500 and find correlations between the top tech stocks and the S&P 500

Using predictive analytics method called the time series model to buy and sell stocks occasionally and finding correlations between popular tech stocks and the S&P 500
Screenshot (884)_edited.jpg

McDonalds Nutrition Menu using Python 

What options on the McDonald's Nutrition Menu are the best for a healthier lifestyle compared to others food options on the menu?

Analyzing Netflix Titles data using Python

Who are the most popular actors and directors? Which censorship ratings are the most popular on Netflix?

Screenshot (721)_edited.jpg
men and women mental health.jpg

Excel with Excel Visualization

Why are suicide rates so high for men compared to women worldwide 1990-2017?

Power BI using Microsoft Excel
Gas vs Nuclear Energy

Which form of energy is better for the environment, has better capacity factors, and the least amount of explosions?

sad man.jpg

Men and women's mental health and drug abuse statistics using SQL and Tableau

How are men and doing around the world in regards to suicide rates, mental health, and drug abuse? Which gender has the most problems in these categories?

The History of the U.S. Economy using R programming

What was the average household income, average inflation rate year by year, and average house cost of a house throughout U.S. History?

us flag money.jpg

Chima Ogu


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